3d cardboard DIY Cubby Houses

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A perfect DYI project for the kids- with a little help from Mum or Dad. Our sturdy 3D cardboard cubbies are available in a variety of designs. Encourage your children to colour, create patterns, paint and decorate these sturdy little numbers to make these their own. When the kids want a change simply paint over and reno! 

  • made from eco friendly, strong reinforced cardboard
  • easy to assemble
  • can be repainted and used again
  • perfect for rainy days inside
  • most design are just under 100cm tall
  • choose from a tremendous tank, a fairytale horse and carriage, a bewitching castle, a sneaky pirate ship or a climb aboard and toot your very own train.
  • encourage fantasy play and story telling
  • some assembley required

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