Bamboo Rattan Basinet

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Start a family traditional with this beautiful, handmade rattan and bamboo cradle. The cradle rocks to gently help get baby of to sleep and could definitely become a family heirloom.

The process involved in making these cradles is lengthy with the rattan needing to be harvested as it grows with nasty thorns amongst other palms. Rattan is selected and steamed to make it easier to form. Pieces are bent and shaped with fire or steaming. The surface is then planed and sanded to get rid of any splinters or marks. Each component in this cradle is individually steamed and shaped and then put together into the finished product. Rattan peel is wound around the framework to reinforce joins and nails and screws. Rattan has has great strength for it's weight and furniture made from rattan does last for a long time.


  • Weight:15kg
  • Size:60x100x98cm
  • Maximum load - 50Kg


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