Reusable Nappies with Eco Coffee Mesh Lining

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Try our funky, eco friendly, reusable nappies made by Elinfant. The nappies contain a liner made from coffee grounds. Yep! you read it, coffee grounds. This amazing fabric is processed in a similar fashion to bamboo. Used coffee grounds are put under high pressure with low heat and spun into fabric. Coffee fibre cloth is soft, strong, light and moves with baby as it is very flexible not stiff like some fabrics. The fabric is water resistant and contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. i am not sure if it still smells like coffee though?  Certainly would be a talking point at your local cafe though.

To make these nappies more effective choose from a selection of inserts. Hemp/Cotton or coffee fabric with microfiber.  There is a little pocket in the nappy where you slide the inserts in. Each set has different design in the same colourway. I love the flamingoes!

  • 4 pcs per set
  • outer fabric:print PUL
  • BPA free
  • inner lining is coffee fiber mesh cloth
  • leak guard
  • soft eleastic
  • flexible tabs
  • fits babies from 3kg - 15kg


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