reusable calico produce bags set ?

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MULTIPLE SIZES PERFECT FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS: 2 Small 12x8in, 5 medium 12x14in, 2 large 12x17in and 1 organic cotton grain bag 12x10in.Different size available for choosing, lightweight mesh bag to hold up to 11 pounds weight.
DURABLE & CONVENIENT: Our double-stitched cotton bags with drawstring design, making bags easily to be sealed, fastened and carry . Also Breathable mesh design, your produce can be scanned when checking out at the grocery store without removing it from the bag. Easy-to-see-through mesh bag and secure lock ensure that you can easy to see what's inside the bags without having to open them.
REDUCE THE USE OF POLLUTING PLASTIC: Our mesh bags are made of biodegradable cotton, make your grocery shopping with our reusable produce mesh bags, perfect for collecting fruit, vegetables, nuts and bulk goods and help to stop using plastic grocery bags. The mesh material also allows you to leave produce inside the bag for rinsing once you get home and you can pop it straight into the fridge. Air flows through the mesh weave, so your fruit and veggies can breathe and stay fresh longer.
MULTI - FUNCTIONAL: Our food bag can be used for more applications like filling with hiking snacks, pack lunches, stash kids toys, protect out of season clothes, store travel toiletries, organize lingerie in luggage, separated clean / dirty clothes in a gym tote. The mesh bags can also be used in the garden harvest and even work great for laundry, small sports equipment, beach trips, gym clothes, school lunches,office supplies, camping trips, road trips, and virtually any form of household organ
Color: beige
Material: Cotton
Package Contents:
10* bag

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