Magnesium Soak

Brand: Eco Family Store
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If you have a bath take advantage of incorporating our Mag Soak into your weekly routinue. Made from Magnesium Chloride sourced from the Tibetan Plateau The Eco Family Store's Mag Soak will help you soak away stiffness and muscle soreness. We added calming and relaxing organic flowers to our mix in a handy muslin bag. When trialling this product I originally had the flowers loose, floating in the water. Whilst I felt like Cleopatra it wasn't fun cleaning up my poor stray flowers. So we decided to use the muslin bag. This acts a little like a tea bag and allows you to eithrer float the bag in your bath or run hot water over it at the tap to release the oils from the flowers. If you lay them out to dry carefully you can use them again. 

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