Wild's Wood Watches

Wild's Wood Watches

At the heart of every beautiful timepiece is a dedicated watchmaker. We are pleased to partner with Wild's Wood to offer you a selection of timeless pieces ready to wear everyday. These beautiful watches are made using reclaimed wood and so fit The Eco Family Store's brief of being a good investment for our environment. These wooden watches are handcrafted by decicated people committed to bringing you a sustainable, eco-friendly , unique product.

Wood is a divine symbol of purity, wood is warm, and wood is full of character. Using exceptional craftsmen Wilds bring watches that are both functional and beautiful and at a price that is definitely affordable.

Wood has many benefits and one of these is it's ability to compliment your own body temperature which can prevent that frustrating itching or sweating behind a metal or leather band. Wood maintains it's delicate scent releasing a subtle aroma when worn. Wood has a positive effect on the human body and the mind of the wearer.

Some of the woods we have chosen to represent are as follows:

  • African Ebony is smooth with a lustrous finish when polished, finely textured with dark streaks, highly valuable and imbued with the mystical qualities of power, purity and protection towards the end user.
  • Rosewood is highly effective in spiritual healing and matters of beauty with a primarily feminine energy and naturall oils that make it shine. Products made with this amazing wood maintain its sweet fragrance and symbolise kindness and a good heart. Combined with Ebony many watches encompass both the power and the kindness in the wearer.
  • Zebra Wood is found in the West African Tropics and is well know fo its divination. With contrasting stripes of dark and light it is easy to see where its name came from.
  • Black Walnut holds both masculine and feminine energies with mystical powers as well as medicinal properties.
  • Kosso features a handsome rich rose-red or deep dark-brown hue with a beautiful fine grain appearance. Kosso is prized for it's medicianl properties including cough suppression and fever reduction. Fixes nitrogen in soils.
  • Ambila is used for soil conservation and also fixes nitrogen into soils. The timber itself is flexible and lightweight and used in the making of canoes and musical instruments as well as of course Wild's Watches

Are you ready to try a Wild's Watch today?

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