Organic Tea

Tea can mean a quick cuppa at breakfast time or a leisurely pot for yourself in the afternoon. Treat yourself to one of our special teapots or enjoy a pot of The Eco Family Store's own teas. All of our teas are leaf tea, not ground up powder and are certified Organic. We have catered to all tastes with a flavoursome Orange Pekoe, a black tea which actually has no orange in the tea, a robust Earl Grey and a Green Tea Chai with yummy spices to get you moving. We offer an Organic Dandelion with a smokiness like Gunpowder and all the goodness of dandelion, Rene's Classis Tea and if you have the sniffles or just want to give yourself a boost try our Immuni-T with all the good stuff.  We also have a very special Organic White Tea. We have all heard about the many health benefits associated with drinking tea but for my mind it is actually the time it takes to make the tea and then sit down to drink it which has the greatest benefit. Forcing us to actually slow down and to take a breath. Cuppa anyone?

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